Project Name (Heading 1)

Packaging Design for Driftwood Brewery's Arcus Pilsner

Start by duplicating this template page.

Project write-up goes here. Pull from Behance, the WayBack Machine, or a Google cached version of the old project page.

  • Include text links to Client Website and other relevant sites.

  • All project photos 1500px wide (resize all images from the full-sized ones - don’t use the ones that are formatted for Instagram)

  • When adding project photos, change the Filename (in S.Space) to something that describes the project, like: Branding and Packaging Design for Driftwood Brewery’s Arcus Pilsner

  • Add the “Recognition” links at the bottom of the page (pull from WayBack Machine and check each URL to make sure it’s still active)

  • Once the page is built, move it to the bottom of the “Public Portfolio” folder (in the Squarespace sidebar)

  • Make sure the URL for the portfolio page follows the format:

  • Try to keep URL the same as it was before NISA shit-fucked us

  • Make a 1000px wide version of the featured image for the project

  • In the S.Space sidebar, click on the “Home Page Gallery” link

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.53.59 AM.png
  • Upload the 1000px wide feature image for the project to the Home Page Gallery

  • Adjust the settings for the thumbnail (hover over the thumbnail, look for the gear icon)

  • Add in the Project Title, add the appropriate project category, and a Clickthrough URL (format: /portfolio/project-title)

  • Drag the thumbnail into a different place in the order, then back to the last place in the order

  • Check the home page (in private browsing mode) and click through to check the project page

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Packaging Design for Driftwood Brewery's Arcus Pilsner