BC Brewery Logos

A collection of all of the logos from all of the breweries in BC. A resource for new breweries who are designing their first logo and existing breweries who are looking to rebrand. A tool to help grasp what kind of logo designs currently exist in the market and help spot the trends.

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Leif MiltenbergerBranding
Rebranding a Brewery

Rebranding a brewery is no small thing. Rebranding projects typically have significant scopes, timelines, and associated costs. And they can be driven by reasons that range from a change in ownership or management, the decision to expand into new markets or packaging formats, or a change in the brewery’s focus. Perhaps the current brand just isn’t performing very well. Maybe it’s become fragmented, stale, or invisible in the current madness of the retail environment. 

As a design firm that focuses on the beer industry we’ve seen - and participated in - a number of brewery rebrands over the years… some more successful than others. Whatever the impetus for your rebrand, here are some helpful tips when considering rebranding your brewery.

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