How do we do what we do? It’s all about preparation.

Intake Process

We put new clients through an extensive questionnaire designed to give us a deep, solid understanding of both the business problem that needs solving and their expectations for the project. It’s tailored to fit each project, but typically deals with topics such as Brand Personality, Competitive Set, and the nitty gritty details of the packaging production. The point? To help the design process move as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The completed intake survey becomes the basis of the Creative Brief for the project.


Once the Brief is finalized, we dive into researching the various aspects of the project. We embrace the tangential nature of research, letting it lead us where it will… often to a conclusion unimaginable at the start of the process.

Occasionally we question our clients’ assumptions to ensure that the stated objectives for the project will actually generate the business results they’re looking for.

Gathering Materials

While the research is underway we also gather the materials that will ultimately make up the physical packaging. (No sense starting on the design of a label before you know the exact bottle that it will end up on.)

If appropriate to the project, consultation on glass happens during this stage.


When the prep work is done, Richard and his team put pencil to paper and start sketching. They create concepts… iterate… refine… and, if necessary, throw them all out and start again. When they reach a concept that they’re confident in, they create a high-fidelity mock-up and we present it with an explanation of the design decisions we made, the rationale behind those decisions, and how the design meets our client’s business objectives.

Initial Production

Once a design is finalized we liaise with printers who have a solid understanding of our intentions behind the packaging design in order to source a printing quote for the project.

When the final product is printed and ready for market we work with a kick-ass product photographer to ensure that our clients have stunning images of their products that can be used on their website, in their social media, and in various print collateral.

Seems straightforward enough, doesn’t it? But there’s a bit of magic that happens in there. Did you spot the part of the process where it occurs? :)