Scandal Brewing

Our vision for the Scandal Brewing identity and design was bold, brash, mischievous, and totally metal. We wanted something that could stand on its own as a metal identity, something that would stand out equally on a jacket patch and store shelves.

Branding for Scandal Brewing

Jagged, persistent thorns descend the face of the can. The stark and straightforward top half is juxtaposed with the organic, chaotic bottom half. The type treatments are clean and simple, a bridge between the order and chaos of the top and bottom halves.


The lager and ale are black and red, respectively, with white highlights. We incorporated the silver from the can substrate into the design to let the fine details from the illustration shine and create another link to the design’s already metal appeal.

Branding and Packaging Design for Scandal Brewing

Scandal is a brand for troublemakers. Pure heavy metal: predatory, clean and razor-edged, it’s a brand that’s sure to carve out a unique space on shelves, and among other mischief makers.