BC Brewery Logos

When designing a logo for a brewery, it’s important to have a good understanding of the market that the brewery operates in / is about to launch into. We recently went looking for a list of all of the logos of all of the breweries in BC and couldn’t find one. So we made our own. All of the BC brewery logos in one place. (225 of them, as of Oct. 3, 2019.)

This is intended as a resource for any brewery in BC that’s redesigning their logo, or any new brewery that’s about to enter into the market. We often say that branding (and packaging design) NEEDS to be considered in the context in which it will be required to perform. So here’s that context for BC.

The best way we could come up with to display all of these logos is an interactive, filterable list. Each brewery’s logo is tagged with the categories that it fits into. Click any of the category buttons to filter the list.

**Note: this list doesn’t work very well on smaller screens. It’s just too much visual information. Give it a try on your laptop or tablet if you find the mobile version frustrating.



3 Dogs Brewing
4 Mile Brewing Co.
33 Acres Brewing Co.
The 101 Brewhouse
A-Frame Brewing Co.
Academy Brewing Co.
Ace Brewing Co.
Alchemy Brewing Co.
Altitude Beer Co.
Andina Brewing Co.
Angry Hen Brewing Co.
Another Beer Co.
Arrowhead Brewing
Axe & Barrel Brewing Co.
Backcountry Brewing
Backroads Brewing Co.
Bad Dog Brewing Co.
Bad Tattoo Brewing Co.
The Bakery Brewing Co.
Barkerville Brewing Co.
Barley Mill Brewpub
Barley Station Brewpub
Barnside Brewing
Beach Fire Brewing
Beard's Brewing Co.
The Beer Farmers
Beere Brewing Co.
Big Ridge Brewing Co.
Big Rock Brewery
Big Surf Beer
Black Kettle Brewing Co.
BNA Brewing
Bomber Brewing
Boombox Brewing Co.
Boundary Brewing Co.
Bowen Island Brewing
Brassneck Brewery
Brewhall Beer Co.
Bridge Brewing Co.
Bright Eye Brewing
Britannia Brewing Co.
Bulkley Valley Brewery
Callister Brewing Co.
Camp Beer Co.
Cannery Brewing
Canoe Brewpub
Canuck Empire Brewing
Cariboo Brewing
Category 12 Brewing
Central City Brewers & Distillers
Cliffside Brewing Co.
Cloverdale Brewing
Coal Harbour Brewing Co.
Coast Mountain Brewing
Container Brewing
Cooper Brewing
Craft Collective Beerworks
Craig Street Brewing Co.
Crannóg Ales
CrossRoads Brewing
Cumberland Brewing Co.
Dageraad Brewery
Dead Frog Brewery
Deep Cove Brewers
Detonate Brewing
Doan's Brewing Co.
Dockside Brewing Co.
Dog Mountain Brewing
Dogwood Brewing
Driftwood Brewery
East Vancouver Brewing Co.
Electric Bicycle Brewing
Elevation 57 Brewing Co.
Empty Keg Brew House
Faculty Brewing Co.
Farm Country Brewing
Fernie Brewing Co.
Fieldhouse Brewing Co.
Firehall Brewery
Fisher Peak Brewing Co.
Five Roads Brewing Co.
Flashback Brewing
Foamers' Folly Brewing Co.
Four Winds Brewing Co.
Fraser Mills Fermentation Co.
Freddy's Brewpub
Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
Gladstone Brewing Co.
Good Buddy Brewing Co.
Granville Island Brewing
Green Leaf Brewing
Hastings Mill Brewing Co.
Haus Lager
Hearthstone Brewing
Hell's Gate Brewing Co.
The Herald Street Brew Works
High Mountain Brewing Co.
Highway 97 Brewery
Horby Island Brewing Co.
House of Funk Brewing
Howe Sound Inn & Brewery
Howl Brewing
Hoyne Brewing Co.
Île Sauvage Brewing
Incidents & Accidents
Iron Road Brewing
Jackknife Brewing
Jackon's Social Club & Brewhouse
Kelowna Brewing Co.
Kettle River Brewing Co.
Kind Brewing
Land & Sea Brewing Co.
Lightheart Brewing Co.
Lighthouse Brewing
Longwood Brewery
Longwood BrewPub
Loud Mouth Brewing
Love Shack Libations
Luppolo Brewing Co.
Main Street Brewing Co.
Maple Meadows Brewing Co.
Mariner Brewing Co.
Marten Brewing Co.
Mayne Island Brewing Co.
Mighty Peace Brewing Co.
Mission Springs Brewing Co.
Monkey 9 Brewing Co.
Moody Ales
Moon Under Water Brewery & Distillery
Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Co.
Mountainview Brewing
Mt. Begbie Brewing
Neighbourhood Brewing
Nelson Brewing Co.
New Tradition Brewing Co.
The Noble Pig Brewhouse
North Point Brewing Co.
Northpaw Brewing Co.
Off The Rail Brewing Co.
Okanagan Spring Brewery
Old Abbey Ales
Old Yale Brewing Co.
Over Time Beer Works
Pacific Western Brewing
Paper Brewing Co.
Parallel 49 Brewing Co.
The Parkside Brewery
Pemberton Brewing Co.
Persephone Brewing Co.
Phantom Beer Co.
Phillips Brewing Co.
Postmark Brewing Co.
Powell Brewery
R&B Brewing Co.
Ravens Brewing Co.
Red Arrow Brewing Co.
Red Bird Brewing
Red Collar Brewing Co.
Red Truck Beer Co.
Ridge Brewing Co.
Riot Brewing
Rodeo Brewing
Rossland Beer Co.
Royston Nano Brewery
Rumpus Beer Co.
Russell Brewing Co.
Rustic Reel Brewing Co.
Salt Spring Island Ales
Scandal Brewing
Shaftebury Brewing Co.
Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse
Silver Valley Brewing Co.
Slackwater Brewing
Slow Hand Beer Co.
Small Block Brewery
Smithers Brewing Co.
Smugglers' Trail Caskworks
Sooke Brewing Co.
Sooke Oceanside Brewery
Spectrum Brewing Co.
Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub
Stanley Park Brewing onecolour
Steamworks Brewing Co.
Steel & Oak Brewing
Storm Brewing
Strange Fellows Brewing
Strathcona Beer Co.
Streetcar Brewing
Sundown Brewing Co.
Superflux Beer Co.
Swans Brewery
Tailout Brewing
Tapworks Brewing Co.
Taylight Brewing
Temporal Artisan Ales
Three Ranges Brewing
Tin Whistle Brewing Co.
Tin House Brewing Co.
Tofino Brewing Co.
Torchlight Brewing Co.
Townsite Brewing
Trading Post Brewing
Trail Beer Refinery
Tree Brewing Co.
Trench Brewing & Distilling
Turning Point Brewery
Twa Dos Brewery
Twin City Brewing Co.
Twin Sails Brewing Co.
Ucluelet Brewing Co.
V2V Black Hops Brewing Co.
Vancouer Island Brewing Co.
Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.
Wheelhouse Brewing Co.
Whistle Buoy Brewing Co.
Whistler Brewing Co.
White Rock Beach Beer Co.
White Rock Brewing
White Sails Brewing Co.
Whitetooth Brewing Co.
Wild Ambition Brewing
Wildeye Brewing
Wold Brewing Co.
Yaletown Brewing Co.
Yellow Dog Brewing Co.

Just like in our blog post on How To Name Your Brewery, part of the reason we’ve compiled all of the brewery logos into one place is so that we can look for patterns.

With the filter buttons on this BIG LIST it’s fairly easy to see where the white space is when it comes to BC Brewery logo designs. That’s not to say that you should aim for ALL of that whitespace. Going after certain categories that don’t have many entrants could be beneficial. Negative Space or Monograms… lots of opportunity in both of those categories. Other categories are empty for a reason (i.e. Tall & Narrow logos can be really challenging to work with.)

But you should definitely pay attention to which categories have the most entrants when considering a new logo design. Roughly 25% of the breweries in BC have a circular logo. Do we really need another one?

If you’re considering using a large single letter as the basis of your logo, it would be helpful to know about the 10 other breweries in BC already using the same approach. There are already two large “B” logos… going that route will NOT help you stand out.

We’ve identified some patterns in this set of brewery logo designs. 20% of the breweries included images of beer ingredients in their logos. 15% have included their location as part of their logo design. (This includes only the ones that have added it in, when it’s not already part of their brewery’s name.) And 13% of the breweries in BC have opted for a wordmark (a text-only logo).

And it’s good to keep in mind the (drastically different) sizes of the breweries here. Some breweries in this list require more out of their logo than others. We should hardly expect a small brewpub’s logo to be as professional and effective as a logo from a regional brewery like Phillips or Stanley Park.

Some definitions, if needed…

  • Handwritten: logos that look truly handwritten, as opposed to just using a cursive typeface

  • Monograms: definition, visual examples

  • Negative Space: definition, visual examples

  • Hardcore (“Hipster”) X logos: definition, visual examples

    • there have been a few BC breweries that launched in the 2000-teens with this approach but have since redesigned their logos

  • Place Name: breweries that added their location to their logo

    • does not include those that are named after their location, like Coal Harbour, Cumberland, Fernie, etc.)

  • Ingredients: breweries that included beer ingredients in their logo design

(PS. It’s entirely possible that we’ve missed a few breweries or included some that are no longer operational. Please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions.)

You can download an image here that includes all of the logos in one grid.

If you’re in need of a logo for your new brewery, or looking to redesign your existing brewery logo, please get in touch. We’ve designed a fair number of the brewery logos in BC, as well as logos for breweries in other markets.

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